Music Ministries

Sanctuary Choir

The Sanctuary Choir sings the first Sunday of every month during the 10:45am worship service.  Rehearsals are held every Tuesday at 6:15pm in the Sanctuary.  There are many singers who read music, and others that have had training in vocal techniques.  The Sanctuary Choir is directed by Mr. David Eggleston.  ALL are welcome to join.

Male Chorus

The Male Chorus is an all male ensemble that sings every 2nd Sunday of each month during the 10:45am worship service.  This group is directed by Mr. David Eggleston and rehearses every Monday at 6:30pm in the Choir Room.  Membership is open to ALL men interested in singing.

Youth Choir

The Youth Choir is a group of energetic and enthusiastic children and teens that is on FIRE for the Lord.   This group rehearses every Monday at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary and sings every 3rd Sunday during the 10:45am worship service. The energetic group is directed by Mrs. Zoe McRae.

Kids for Christ

The Kids for Christ for Action Choir is a comprehensive graded music program which allows the child to explore and express his/her musical talents.  This energetic group is directed by LTC Prisma Lowery and practices every Monday at 6:30p.m. in sanctuary.

FBC Gospel Choir

The Gospel Choirs primary role is to provide contemporary music for the 4th Sunday 10:45am worship service.  Directed by Mr. David Eggleston, this choir’s music is always uplifting, entertaining and worshipful.  The Gospel Choir rehearses every Thursday at 6:30pm in the Sanctuary and openly invites any interested member to join them.

Voices of Praise

The Voices of Praise is a small but growing ensemble of spiritually filled individuals providing praise and worship music every Sunday morning for the 8am worship service.  The rehearsals are held every Tuesday at 6:30 pm in the Choir Room.  ALL are encouraged to join this group of individuals on FIRE for the Lord.

FBC Mass Choir

Directed by Mr. David Eggleston, the Mass Choir is comprised of members of the Sanctuary, Male, Y.E.S., Gospel and the Voices of Praise.  This choir sings every 5th Sunday and accompanies the Pastor to outside engagements.  The Mass Choir also performs musicals and concerts.  Rehearsals are announced in the church bulletin.

The FBC Orchestra

The FBC Orchestra rehearses every Monday at 7:30pm or as announced.  Directed by Minister David Eggleston, this group ministers at special events during the Sunday morning worship service and throughout the year.  The FBC Orchestra is newest addition to the Music Ministry family.

The Chamber Choir

The Chamber Choir sings during special services and occasionally during the 5th Sunday worship service.  Rehearsals are announced in the church bulletin.

For more information, please contact the church office at 910-483-6505.