Baptist Doctrines


At First Baptist Church, we participate in the following spiritual disciplines to develop Christian maturity in believers, in Christ Jesus:

  • Worship is our way of responding to the absolute worthiness of God to be praised and honored.
  • Witness is our response to the Good News (Gospel) of salvation in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God. We share our faith in Christ with all people from all backgrounds.
  • Study is our commitment to read and understand the Holy Scriptures as vital source of inspiration and direction in our lives. Together we seek to understand the mind of Christ in order to lead moral, loving and ethical lives.
  • Service is our Missions in action discipline whereby we translate our knowledge and faith in God into acts of kindness and loving aid to other people.
  • Prayer is how we talk to God and how God communicates His will to us through the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Prayer must cover all the work of the church.
  • Giving is our offering, our time, talents and treasures to God. We can’t beat God’s giving, but we get joy in giving our resources for the upbuilding of God’s Kingdom.
  • Fellowship (Greek = Koinonia) represents our congregation’s partnership and with God and one another to share together in the glories of God abundant blessings. We are the Body of Christ – His church.