Membership Information

In the wake of the COVID-19 (Corona virus), First Baptist Church (FBC) will adhere to the guidelines set by state of North Carolina.  After speaking with Colvin, Cunningham, Herring and Wiseman Funeral Homes, the following guidelines have been established:

  1.  To add another layer of safety during the COVID-19 pandemic FBC will not conduct any church or chapel funeral services. It is understood this is not the normal process, but neither are these normal circumstances. The intent is not to forego an FBC homegoing for your loved one. However, we are doing our best to ensure the safety of all FBC members and would be best by not gathering persons who would normally be present at a church or chapel funeral.
  1. FBC will only conduct graveside services while adhering to the following conditions:
  1. Limit 50 people (this amount must include ministers, funeral staff, church members, family and friends) to attend the service.
  2. A written account of those in attendance (name and phone number) will be taken by the funeral home.
  3. The Air Force is only allowing 2 people to provide honors outside. (This is subject to change)
  4. The Army is no longer providing honor guards.
  5. Rockfish Cemetery is only allowing 50 people in attendance (no seats, no tent, everyone must wear a mask, and MUST BE 6 feet apart).
  6. Cumberland Memorial Garden is only allowing 10 people in attendance.
  7. Sandhills and other military cemeteries are NOT allowing anyone to the graveside, to include family members and ministers.  The body will be given to the attendants at the cemetery and the personnel will be responsible for burial.
  1.  Most funeral homes:
  1. Limit 10 people at any given time to view the body
  2. Sign the guest book

4.  Some funeral homes are providing walk-thru viewings at the family’s request.

5.  Because of social distancing requirements, FBC WILL NOT provide a repass for bereaved families. The church will instead provide a check to the family in the amount $100.

6.  Previously, the deacons would either meet at the home of the deceased member or at the church.  Deacons will need to coordinate the meeting place if applicable, and you will be responsible for submitting the order of service to the church office.  This can be done electronically.

First Baptist graveside Service Outline:

Order of Service

  • Hymn or Song of Adoration (congregational selection so please have family select a song that is familiar to majority in attendance)
  • Holy Scripture Reading (Old and New Testament)
  • Prayer of Comfort
  • Remarks (limit to 3 people and 2 minutes only)
  • Words of Comfort
  • Benediction