Visionaries of Change (Young Adult Ministry)

Mission Statement: A team of radical believers committed to going outside the box to transform the body of Christ. Committees: Ministry is in need of leaders for Recreation, Outreach, Social Action, Young Adult Day The ministry meets on a monthly basis.
Contact: Ms. Danielle Bell
(910) 483-6505

Marriage Ministry

Mission Statement: Our ministry is a team of motivated Christians that seek to model Christ’s bond with His church through our marital relationships. The ministry meets monthly for fellowship and discussion of marital issues. The ministry holds an annual marriage seminar “Celebrating & Honoring Marriage.”
Contact: Deacon Willie Smith
(910) 483-6505

Audio/Visual Ministry

Mission Statement: To provide audio visual service to the church and provide CDs/DVDs for people unable to attend service.
Contact the church office
(910) 483-6505

Laymen’s League

Mission Statement: To promote Christian fellowship and to build spiritual relationship among men.
Contact: Kelvin Coaxum, President
(910) 483-6505

Clothes Closet

Mission Statement: To provide clothing and a ministry to encourage the less fortunate. The Clothes Closet is opened every Wednesday from 10 am – 12 noon.
Contact: Mrs. JoAnn Smith
(910) 483-6505

Senior Retired Adults

Mission Statement: To provide a means for the retired members of the church to minister to one another. The ministry attempts to enhance lives through Bible Study, field trips, and with speakers to keep the group abreast with current events.
Contact: Deacon Willie Smith
(910) 483-6505

Floral Club Ministry

To enhance the physical and spiritual worship service by providing flowers weekly for the sanctuary and delivering the flowers to the sick and shut-in.
Contact: Deacon Romas Hales
(910) 483-6505

Loyal Workers Ministry

Purpose: Provides aid, support and encouragement for the Pastor and Assistant Pastor.
Contact: Ms. Sheila Eason
(910) 483-6505

Unto the Least of These Ministry (Jarrell Food Pantry)

Purpose: To provide canned good items to people in need.
Contact: Mrs. Vera Purdie
(910) 483-6505

Additional Ministries

Below you will find additional ways to serve.

Ministers Team
Missionary Circle
Sunday School Team
Guest Families Ministries
Hospitality Ministry
E. B. Dwelle Nickel Club
Girl Scouts Team
Bulletin Board Ministry
Health Care Providers
Music Ministry
Special Programming
Insight Newsletter
Christian Education
FBC Corporation
Christian Commitment Corp.
Women’s Enrichment Ministry Team
Youth Ministry
Transportation Ministry
Student Aid
Vacation Bible School
Summer Reading Camp
Military Support Ministry
Finance Team